​HB Downtown & Surf City Nights

Potential vendors may apply by emailing surfcitynights@hbdowntown.com  Include the products you would like to sell.  Currently there is a waiting list.  The Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District (HBDBID) has the right to limit the number of vendors in each category (Arts & Crafts, Non-Profits, or Commercial, etc.) in order to have a well balanced street fair. Non-Competition Clause: No business entity shall offer goods or services that directly compete with HBDBID members.

​​Surf City Nights is a HBDBID event held on the City of Huntington Beach streets. City and HBDBID rules and regulations MUST be followed by vendors to ensure it is a family-friendly and safe event.  

At the discretion of the City of HB, or the HBDBID, a vendor may be terminated immediately if an action, or rule violation by the vendor, or his/her employees, jeopardizes the safety of other vendors, or the public. Other violations will result in: 1st Time: Written warning; 2nd Time: $50.00 fine; 3rd Time: Termination from venue without refund of any type.


NO smoking in or near your booth. NO alcohol consumption or illegal drug use in the vicinity of the booth by vendors or their employees. This includes during set-up and tear-down. 

All set-up must be completed between 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. and all vehicles need to be moved from the street by 4:45 PM.  NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN ON FAIR-UTILIZED STREETS. Set-up will begin when the entire street is clear of all public and police vehicles.

Vendors must park in their assigned space and unload their products, then park in the structure, before returning to build their booths. No double parking allowed. Do not block fire lanes. Drive slowly during set-up and take-down. 

Vendors receive one parking validation per booth. Vendors may park in the city structure on 3rd between Walnut and Olive, or The 5th and PCH structure on 6th between PCH and Walnut. 

NOTE: Vendors arriving after 4:00 pm on Tuesday are considered as a “N0 SHOW” and the booth space will be forfeited for the week. Fees will be non-refundable. 

We offer 10x10 spaces only, no larger booths are allowed. If you want to expand, you need to speak with the HBDBID office and additional fees may apply. Everything must be in the booth and not outside the 10x10 area. 

Booths must be placed inside the red fire-line marking on the street. The back legs of the booth must be as close to the curb as possible. 

Clean and well-maintained canopies are required for each vendor and tablecloths are required for tables. 

All booths require signage with the Business name.

Weights are required for each canopy to protect against movement due to wind. 

HBDBID will NOT provide tables, shelving, rain coverings, garbage bags, extension cords, power strips, lighting etc. 

We do not provide power for some booths. No more than 4 energy efficient light bulbs should be used unless battery powered. Ask about power service when you are assigned a booth.  You will need to have a power strip with an extension cord (50') for connection services and tape to ensure no one trips for some of the booths.

No boxes, crates, or surplus supplies of any kind can be stored behind the booths unless it is small, completely covered, and looks clean. No storage is allowed on the sidewalk. 

Periodically bag booth trash and keep it hidden during market hours.

No items or signs with foul language, or sexual content are allowed to be displayed in the booths – this is a family event.

Vendors are not allowed to sell their merchandise outside of their booth at any time.  

No booth may be left unattended during hours of operation.

No loud music will be allowed in the vicinity of your booth. 

All areas must be kept clean and sanitary. Do not dump any food, water, grease, ashes, etc., in the street gutters, storm drains, lots or parking areas.

All original craft vendors shall be limited to hand-made or hand-decorated items. No YARD SALE type items are allowed. HBDBID reserves the right to demand removal of any item from display or sale for any reason whatsoever. Fireworks of any type are forbidden as is Silly String, pop ball guns, knock off or illegal items, etc. Any change or additional merchandise other than on original application must be submitted for approval.  Knives, swords, or any sharp objects must be kept out of reach of children.

On-site prepared food items shall be restricted to the assigned vendor space only. Prepackaged foods must be totally sealed. 

Food Vendors are required to cover the ground with tarp style materials that covers their entire booth area.

Do not leave boxes next to city trash cans. You are responsible for removing your trash.

Food booth employees are prohibited from having direct contact with pets while on duty. Pets should not enter booth areas where there are food sales. 

Prepackaged food vendors must have a health department permit and approval as required by State of California. All food sampling booths are required to have a trash can. It must be placed in front of your booth each night. No open or on-site prepared samples are allowed unless permitted by the County of Orange and following Health Department procedures. 

Growers must post necessary requirements as issued by the State of California on the back corner of the booth. It must be visual from the front of the booth during the entire time of the event.

Vendors are required to have the following:
• Department of Agriculture Certificate-for Farmers
• Orange County Health Permit - Food Booths
• Food Handlers Card - Everyone in a food booth must have it in their possession at all times
• City of Huntington Beach Business License
• Insurance - All vendors are required to have insurance, vendors need to indemnify and hold harmless Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District 


Tear-down must begin at 9:00 p.m., no sooner, unless directed by the HBDBID.  No vehicles will be allowed on the street until this time. Vendors will need to tear-down their booth in its entirety before returning to their vehicles. 

All contact information as signed on the vendor contract will be used for the sole purpose of communication between HBDBID and the listed vendor. We do not sell any information to third parties. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the HBDBID office for any changes, alterations or amendments to the original application.

In the instance of rain, the HBDBID will decide whether or not to cancel the street fair by 12 pm. It is the participant’s responsibility to contact the HBDBID to find out the status of the event. If a vendor chooses not to participate due to weather, the vendor will not receive a credit. A rain credit will be given if event is canceled by the HBDBID only.

Surf City Nights will continue during all holiday seasons, except when the event falls on Christmas Day, New Years Day or Fourth of July. In the event this occurs, a credit will be placed with those pre-paid vendors. 

Notify the HBDBID office 24 hours before the market if you will be absent and whether your booth will be empty. You must let us know who is your fill-in in writing. Fill-in vendors need to comply with HBDBID rules and regulations. This is a requirement. 

All checks need to be made out to HBDBID and must include your business name and email address on it. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is on time. 

SECURITY - YOUR BOOTH AND CONTENTS REMAIN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Neither the HBDBID nor the City of Huntington Beach assumes responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the vendors or entertainers, including theft and shall not be responsible or liable for any injury or loss that may arise or come to the vendor/entertainer, or his/her employees or goods, for any cause whatsoever. All insurance must be kept current and paid for by the Vendor. Vendor relieves the HBDBID and the property owners of all responsibility in connection with the safekeeping of property during the event. 

Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District (HBDBID)
315 3rd Street, Suite E Huntington Beach, CA 92648.  Office hours vary, call before arriving. HBDBID staff is present during the entire Surf City Night event, but the HBDBID booth has staff or volunteers available typically from 5-8 pm. 

HBDBID Office # 714-536-8300. Don't forget our new email address for SCN is surfcitynights@hbdowntown.com  Note that this is a hbdowntown.com email address, not verizon.net

(714) 536-8300  FAX-(714) 536-8383 www.hbdowntown.com

HBDBID Manager: bidmanager@hbdowntown.com