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CBVA Volleyball Tournament -
The CBVA (California Beach Volleyball Association) has partnered with the HB Downtown Businesses to bring a fun and competitive volleyball tournament to Surf City Days.   Five divisions will be offered on each day, starting with Saturday, Sep 19:  Men's Unrated, Men's A, Men's Open (CASH prizes) and Women's B and AA. On Sunday, September 20 the categories include: Women's Unrated, A, and Women's Open (CASH prizes), Men's B and Men's AA. Membership in the CBVA is required. Registration is available online
 www.cbva.com. Walkups will be taken the day of the event to fill spots only. Please contact Therese Butler at 714-724-2453 or theresebut@aol.com for info.

Surf City Days is made possible through the marketing efforts of the businesses in HB Downtown.

The Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District (HBDBID) is a 501C6 business organization formed in 2004 by the city council at the request of downtown merchants.  Businesses located in the dynamic Downtown Huntington Beach area are all members of the innovative, business run Downtown Business Improvement District.

The HBDBID is a public/private partnership where downtown retail, services and restaurants make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and promotion of the downtown district.  This not for profit organization works through programs, services and advocacy to improve the economic, social and environmental vitality and beautification of HB Downtown.


Pier Plaza Boutique!
New this year, the Surfin' Sunday boutique vendors will also be set up at pier plaza on Saturday as well as Sunday.  Don't miss this fun opportunity to pick up something special for yourself!

What better way to dress up Main Street on Saturday during the “Surf City Days” weekend than to have a Vintage VW Bus Show! The Kowabunga Van Klan will do just that. Just about everyone has who’s been around for awhile has had an adventure surfing and playing at the beach with VW Bus in the picture. We will be hangin on Main St.  Sat. from 10am till 3pm starting at Walnut up to Orange Ave. Come by and say hi. All proceeds for the Car entries to this show are being donated to Wounded Warriors.  Stop by the booth for more information about this important cause.

CROSSFIT SURF CITY presents the Surf City Civil War 4. Last year this was one of the most popular events to watch during Surf City Days.  We've moved from the beach parking lot to the center of Strand this year, allowing for more spectator room.  Featuring two person teams (1 man, 1 woman)  competing in 4 CrossFit inspired events. The teams will be challenged to display strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and much more. There will be 3 division Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The event takes place on The Strand - 5th St. in Huntington Beach starting at 8am and going till 4pm. To register go to  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/surf-city-civil-war-4-tickets-17810005205?aff=DougP
Watching these teams of athletes is a feast for the eyes!  A fun spectator sport, for sure

The 46th Annual Huntington Beach Surf Contest, sponsored by The City of Huntington Beach Community Service Department, Huntington Surf & Sport, and Dukes will be held on September 17 & 18.  This is a truly local event, as participation is limited to persons residing in the Huntington Beach Union High School District   Registration is currently closed.  If you missed registering this year, be sure to sign up next year in the SANDS.  Men and women of all ages are welcome, as this has become a favorite community activity for many generations of local surfers.

Surfin' Sundays (Sept. 20) -

Presented by the International Surfing Museum, Surfin' Sundays brings that great sound to Pier Plaza from 11 am - 5 pm.  Scheduled performances:

  • Davie Allan & The Arrows
  • Tikiyaki 5-0
  • Boss Fink
  • The Orbitorns
  • The New Waves

Surf City Days is made possible by the following generous contributors.  We are tremendously grateful for their support:


HSS/Surfline Surf Demo Day -
The entire 1st block of Main Street will be blocked off and chock full of surfboards, wetsuits, fins and all kinds of goodies just waiting to be test driven.  Visitors have a one-day-only opportunity to "try before you buy" that board or wetsuit they've had their eye on all summer.   Also, like last year, HSS/Surfline will have the Futures shaping bay on hand where local shapers will be mowing foam all day.  Prizes and raffles.

4th Annual City Jams &Old Skool Skate (Sept. 19) -
Walnut & Main jams with nonstop skateboard events.  The morning ramps up at 8:30am with the California Amateur Skateboard League City Jams Contest. The purpose of this CASL event is to provide all skateboarders access to a fun relaxed competitive skateboard experience.  Contest categories start with 8 & Under.
Presented by HB Culture Magazine and Enlarge Media, the 4th Annual Old Skool Skate Session immediately follows with nonstop action and annual favorite contests including:  Best Dressed, Hippy Jump, Highest Ollie, and Best Flatland.  Spectators and participants are always in for a treat when surprise legends and pros mix in the fun.

A collection of special events is coming to Main Street, the pier, the surf and sand on  Saturday & Sunday, September 17 & 18. The idea behind Surf City Days is to create a weekend where locals take back the beach and engage in their favorite activities as both participants and spectators. It will be a great weekend to end your summer. To highlight:

46th Annual City Surf Competition - Saturday & Sunday.
CBVA Volleyball Tournament - Saturday & Sunday.
HSS/Surfline Demo Days - Saturday only
Old Skool Skate Demos - Saturday only
Kowabunga Van Klan Klassic Kar Show - Saturday only
Unique Vendors at Pier Plaza - Suturday & Sunday
Surfin' Sundays Concert at the Pier - Sunday only